Dedicated Server Hosting AU – Does Your Business Need It?

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When you are thinking of options for hosting your website, you have several choices. You would be wondering which plan would be right for you. You could look for shared hosting, with its low cost. You could go for VPS hosting, to get the benefit of dedicated resources. However, many businesses need more. They need more security, privacy, and resources. They have appropriately budgeted for it. Therefore, you might want to consider dedicated server hosting AU. Here are some things to think about, when you are planning to get hosting service.

Your resource requirements

If you need a lot of resources, you would want to select dedicated server hosting AU. Dedicated servers offer more resources than shared servers, for a single user. You would also want that resources be allocated to you only. This makes the resources more reliably available to you. You would also want that resources be made available to only you, because you don’t like to fight virtually with other users on a server, for their use of bandwidth, disk space, and so on.

Best security features

Dedicated server hosting AU offers top-notch security. This because servers are held in secure data centres, where fire alarms, security guards, limited access, and other tools are offered to make security a dream come true for businesses. You would also want to ensure that the servers are held in locations deemed safe, and thus, you want the data centre to be at a secure location. The servers must also have power backup and be stored under climate controlled conditions.

Other security tools include safeguards against malware, Trojans, viruses, and unauthorized access to your account. From encryption to firewalls, all tools are used to maintain safety of your sites, emails, and account. You would also want that the sites and emails have spam filters in place.

Need for dedicated IP address

With a single server for your business, your online properties get a single IP address. This is useful because it helps email recipients identify your address as unique, and boosts your authenticity. Even search engines offer better rankings for sites with dedicated IP addresses. Your sites will be deemed more authentic because of unique IP. Also you have lesser risk of search engine penalties, because other users cannot use your server for spamming.

Get the server approved within hours

You don’t want to wait days for server to be approved for you. Businesses today may require moving to a dedicated server immediately. To prevent disruptions to business, get the services of dedicated server hosting AU. You would have plenty of things to look forward to, which would include things such as unlimited resources, security, and unique IP.


When you have a dedicated hosting plan, with a lot of resources, you would also want efficient allotment, utilization, and monitoring of resources. You would also want to look at settings, such as antivirus reports, or bill related information. You can do all this with a single control panel. If you are choosing a specific purpose for hosting, such as database hosting, or Zimbra email hosting AU, you can get the best features of such software, along with discount hosting, and easy installation.

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