Lumitact G700 Really a LED Flashlight Review

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The lumitact G700 flashlight is known under several labels and one of those label that is by far the most used when promoting the Lumitact G700 is the led label. Many people have wondered is it really led or it just a marketing trick that makes the flashlight even more attractive for buyers. The best way to find out if this flashlight is truly a led flashlight is by detailed examinations of it.

In order for a flashlight to earn the label led first it has to fulfil certain conditions. The conditions that a led flashlight requires are: a larger lumen capacity of more than 500 lumens, long lasting battery capacity of more than 72 hours, an indestructible material and lots of featured modes available on the flashlight.

In this post we are going to give you a detailed G700 review so that you can conclude on your own is this flashlight truly a led flashlight or is it just a scam. All of our research used in this post is previously confirmed from the data gathered from the official G700 website.

G700 Special Features

The most important thing on a led flashlight is in fact the special featured modes. Without various featured mode your flashlight is limited only for one purpose and if consider the fact that most flashlights from 2016 are made to serve as multi-functional tools then having a flashlight with just one function is very boring and unattractive. Fortunately for the G700 owners, this flashlight has a lot of features. Within this flashlight you will find 2 spate feature modes: focus mode and tactical mode (zoom mode). Both featured modes on the G700 led flashlight have within 5 pre-set sub-modes.

Focus mode

The focusmode on this flashlight serves as a tool kit that can be used in almost every situation where a flashlight is required, you can use it even as a self-defense tool. Within this flashlight focus mode you will find 5 pre-set sub-modes: high, medium, low, SOS and strobe. The mode that is mostly used for self-defense purposes is the strobe mode. When turned on the strobe mode activates the entire lumen capacity which can instantly neutralize any kind of potential danger within seconds from flashlight the light into their eyes.

Telescoping mode (zoom mode)

Since most flashlights are used as anoutdoor equipment the telescoping mode is a must have feature on every led flashlight. With this mode your G700 led flashlight will allow you to have a viewable perimeter around you of 2000 feet that will make your camping trip even safer.

Long lasting battery capacity

The reason behind the tremendous success that the G700 led flashlight had on the open market is because of their battery life longevity. Like I mentioned before most flashlight are used for outdoor activities and if in such circumstances if your flashlight can’t last more than 24 hours then your flashlight is very unreliable. With the integration revolutionary hardware on the G700 this flashlight is now able to last up to 72 hours of constant work.

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